Deleting Reports

When deleting a Report, Page, or Chart in Crelate, you'll want to be cognizant of what you are removing.

First, when deleting a report, that will remove everything that report encompasses. This includes the overall report, the pages, as well as any chart within each page. A screen shot below will guide you as to the differences between those 3 options. That entire report can be deleted by utilizing the "This Report" drop down and then deleting. 


When the Report itself is sound but you'd simply like to delete a Page, you'll want to select the "Configure Page" option to delete that page from your overall report.


To delete a Chart within a Page, you'll want to select the Chart. To do so, you may single click that chart which will cause a blue outline to appear around it as shown below. From there, selecting "Configure Chart" will give you the option to delete it. 


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