Editing a Document though Office 365

To edit a document in Crelate, you'll first need to enable that within the Settings>>Documents section of Crelate. You'll need to slide that toggle to 'yes' and then save and refresh your browser. 

Please note, you will need to be an Office 365 customer in order to utilize this feature.


To edit a document in Crelate, you'll need to slide out the resume on a contact's profile. In step 2 below, you'll want to select 'Edit in Browser' to alter that document.


That will open a new tab with the live document to edit.


After making an edit, you'll see a 'Saved to Crelate' notification above when that change is complete.


PLEASE NOTE: As you make these changes live, this document may take time to fully propagate as it presumes you may still be editing that document. You'll be prompted with a notification that this document is still in 'edit mode.'

To finalize a completed change, please close the document tab. You may need to give that contact profile a quick refresh (see screen shot #2 below) to fully display those changes.



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