What is a Project in Crelate Sales?

A project in Crelate gives you the ability to create a collection of jobs under one opportunity. 

Creating a project is a Business feature. You'll receive one "project" type by default but can ultimately customize and create additional types. 


To create a project (or any opportunity) navigate to the "Sales" tab followed by creating that project.


Next, you may affiliate that project with a given company as well as create a unique name. 


From there, you may create the collection of jobs that your project encompasses. Additionally, you'll note the check box option of "show both this project and its jobs on the sales board below." This will give you the capability to each job grouped together under a single project tile OR while still affiliated with that project, separately on the dashboard. We will provide an example of each below.


When this box is NOT checked, you'll see the 3 opportunities just created all within the umbrella of the project. 


This will display as a collection regardless of which stage those individual opportunities are in. As you see below, each of the 3 opportunities have different probabilities and are in 3 separate workflow stages but will remain displayed under the single opportunity.


When this box IS checked you'll see the 3 opportunities just created all separately listed but still directly affiliated with the project. When moving your mouse over the project (in the example below that is the "Crelate's Collection of Jobs"), the related opportunities in your pipeline will be highlight in purple as shown below.

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