SMTP Connection

Currently, some Crelate users may notice an issue when sending submittal emails. This is a top priority for our support and development team. At present, we are working with Microsoft to resolve any potential issues. 

As a short-term workaround, Crelate users may add their email connection via SMTP. Navigating to Settings>>My Settings & Preferences>>Add Another Email Connection>>Other you will be able to enter in your credentials. 



The 4 starred fields are required. The email and password refers to your email + password credentials. The SMTP Server URL + Port may be specific to your email connection. 



After that has been added, you'll want to save and refresh your browser.


Next, when submitting a candidate, you'll want to use the 'from' dropdown to select your alternative email connection. This will establish a new connection and serve only as a short-term workaround until we resolve things more fully with Microsoft.


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