Video: Creating Application Forms

This video will detail how to manage your application forms. You may also reference our help article here: Managing Application Forms on that process as well!


Below is an external link for that video as well as what's new in the 2.0 iteration:

Creating Application Forms


Last release we introduced Custom Forms to help simplify data entry and increase data quality. Now we're releasing some updates to further increase the functionality and offer you more value from the forms you're already using.

  • NEW Question Types - Ability to create number, currency, date, and custom pick-lists (with single choice and multiple choice options).
  • NEW Default and Required Templates - There is now an option to set a default activity template for an activity type. What this means is whenever you create a new activity of a type that has a default template, that template will automatically render. If a default template is selected, you can choose to set it as required, meaning all required questions have to be completed.
  • NEW View Activity Forms in Stream - After an activity is complete, you can view it directly in the stream by clicking on the 'View More'' button at the bottom of the activity.
  • NEW Search Responses - In search, you are now able to search for records by the responses to custom application form questions and activity form responses.
  • NEW Collapse Note Text - The note text area of the activity editor can now be resized! Make it bigger when you have a lot of notes to take, or shrink it to get it out of the way! 
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