Bulk Email Integration

Advanced email is a feature available to our Professional and Business level subscribers. 

This feature will equip your Crelate org with the ability to: 

  •  Send emails in Crelate using your stored email templates
  •  Navigate here to: Send bulk emails

    Advanced email requires a little setup. The reason for the additional set up is that to combat the chance of email being flagged as Spam, we need to add some entries to your DNS (Domain Name Service Provider), which is often something like GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. The reason for this is to let your DNS provider know that another email server (Crelate) will be sending email on behalf of your domain. **Crelate Business customers will be able to enable this for 2 different domains. Please reach out to for further assistance**

    This is something that is pretty easy to setup, and requires logging into your DNS provider to set 3 entries. 

  • Let a member of our Support Team know if you would like to setup Advanced Email! 


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