What is Email Journaling and How to Set it Up

Email journaling will automatically track and log emails back and forth from your email client onto your contact records in Crelate. As long as an email is listed in Crelate you can send emails from your email provider and have that log in Crelate.

**Crelate Business customers will be able to enable this for 2 different domains. Please reach out to for further assistance**

To enable email journaling, you'll need Google Apps for Work, GSuite basic package, or Office 365 Business Premium. If you use those providers, you can refer to the 2 power point attachments below to set up email journaling. For those already with email journaling set up and just looking to add 1 user (or more), we have a power point for that as well for 365 users.

To initiate the process, please email us at

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