How To: Create a Custom Field

This article will show you how to add custom fields to a record in Crelate.  Custom fields can be added to any Core Record in Crelate.

Feel free to reference our video on this topic here: Configuring Core Records

Core Records in Crelate are:


To add a custom field to a record, navigate to the Settings area and choose Core Records.  Choose the record type you would like to add a custom field to.  When you select the record, options for the records of that type will appear in the middle of the screen.  Choose the Customize Fields option

The prompt that shows on the screen are all of the fields currently on that records form.  Click the + sign in the top right of the prompt to begin creating a new custom field


Name your new field, and choose the type of field you would like for it to be.  Custom fields can be Text, Numbers (Integers), Numbers (Decimal), Numbers (Money), or Dates


After naming an choosing the custom field type, click Save Changes to create the custom field.  You can now drag the newly created custom field and drop it in the order you would like it to appear on the record. You may also remove non-necessary fields in the same fashion by dragging those over to the 'available fields' section. 



Save Changes, and Refresh your screen for the changes to take effect.  You now have a new custom field to use on the record!


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