Managing Notifications

Notifications will remind you of activities you have scheduled, or been assigned by team members in Crelate. To view your past notifications, click the bell in the top left of your Crelate. 


Q:When do notifications occur?

A:When something comes due or when someone assigns something to you, you will receive a pop up notification. From there you will have two options to "snooze" or "dismiss" the notification. You can change the amount of time before you are notified or disable the feature all together. 


To start managing your notification settings, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"


Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the Preferences section.



  • Disable Notifications: Turning this off will disable those events within Crelate from sending a pop up notification. Any notification you receive while notifications are turned OFF will NOT reappear when you re-enable notifications. 
  • Remove Dismissed Notifications: By default, dismissing a notification will grey it out. To remove the notification completely, enable this setting. 
  • Disable Reminders: Crelate will alert you when you have an upcoming appointment. If you prefer to avoid having these reminders displayed, enable this setting. 
  • Appointment Reminders: This setting allows you to determine how many minutes before an appointment is scheduled to notify you.


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