Managing New Applicants Via Intake

Reviewing candidates that have applied through the job portal can be found in the top right of the homepage.

Selecting “Intake” will allow you to review all candidates that have come in through the portal.


Double-Clicking any name will slide the resume in to view:




You can also choose to “Approve,” “Reject,” or “Block” a single or group of candidates. Dragging and selecting over multiple candidates allows you select in bulk.



  • Approve: The candidate is a good fit for the position and we want to keep them on the job to begin interacting with them
  • Reject: The candidate isn't a good fit for the position they applied for but we want to keep them in the database for future use (these candidates get moved to the Pass stage or whatever you've noted as youre 'done-with negative outcome' process)
  • Block: These candidates will go on a block list in Settings and you will not have to review them again should they apply


Applicants will be displayed in the job they applied for in the new stage. To view them simply select your desired job as shown below:




***DISCLAIMER*** If you've selected a filter (see screen shot below) that will limit the scope of your view. Simply unselect to show all candidates as well as new applicants.


You will then have the option to “Approve,” “Reject,” or “Block” a particular candidate from their page. 



You can also 'auto approve' applicants which will bypass the application review process all together.




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