Creating relationships using Mentions

Mentions are used to associate activities with additional records. Each activity will usually be associated with a parent record and regarding record, but you can also associate the activity with other records just by typing the name of a record in the notes of the activity. Records which are mentioned will then appear highlighted in the note text, and the activity will show up in the activity stream of the mentioned record. 


How to configure mentions:

1. Settings

2. Activities 

3. Choose "Enabled," "Only on @," or "Disabled"

Enabled: Crelate will automatically suggest mentions for you whenever you type in the notes for an activity.

Only on "@": Only suggest mentions when an @ is typed in note text. For example: "Spoke with @John Smith." 

Disabled: The mentions feature is completely disabled. 


How to use mentions:

To use mentions, you may utilize the @ symbol and then the contact, company, or job name you're looking to tie into that specific note or activity.


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