How To: Set Outlook or Gmail as your default email program on a PC or Mac

In Crelate, you can send email to Contacts using your computers default mail application by clicking the gray email icon next to the email address on the record:


PC Set Up 

If this is not responding when clicked, or opening the wrong email program, it is likely because the default email application on your PC is not correctly set.  To do this navigate to your Windows menu in the lower left hand corner:



Then begin typing 'default' and find the 'default app settings.' 



You may then select which app you'd like to use for your email.



Mac Set Up

Setting Outlook as your default email client on a Mac is very simple. 

1) Open your Mac's default Mail app and click Preferences in the Mail button on the top left corner of your screen.

2) Change the Default email reader from Mail to Microsoft Outlook.

You may also reference the below videos for a further instruction:  

To set Gmail as your default email handler, watch this video:

To set Outlook as your default email handler, watch this video:




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