How To: Export Your Database

A database export can be requested once every 30 days.  This export includes your entire database: All records, experiences, and attachments such as resumes, profile pictures, etc..

To request a database export:

  • Go to Settings>Import or Export Data>Request a New Export Now


  • Click Request a new export now


  • You will see this message


  •  When the export is done, Crelate will send you an email


  •  Return to the Database Export area, and you can download your database in a zip file


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    Amy Cooney

    Seeing as how attachments, such as resumes, are not included, it's pointless to download your data.

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    Ian Remington

    Hi Amy,

    Attachements and all resumes are definitely included in that export! If you have any further questions on how to find those, you may always reach out to our team!

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