Adding your Indeed Conversion Id for Conversion Tracking

Indeed allows you to track conversion from their end by including a Conversion Id on the "Thank You" page of your Job Portal.  To do this is simple and straight forward


  1. Contact your Indeed Representative and ask them for your unique Conversion Id.  This is a 16 character number.
  2. Make sure that syndication to Indeed is not disabled by navigating to Settings | Portal | Basic Setup .  Indeed should be marked with a "Yes"
  3. Navigate to Settings | Portal | Advanced Setup | Analytics and Custom CSS


  1. Paste the Conversion Id in to the Indeed Conversion Id field.
  2. Save your changes and that's it!


When applicants apply to your jobs on your portal, and make it to the "Thank You for your Application" page, Indeed will be able to track that on their side.

NOTE: If you wish to enable the "Apply with Indeed" button on the Portal Application pages, you have to make sure that your jobs do NOT have a custom application form attached to them.  Because Indeed does not support custom fields, we disable the "Apply with Indeed" button when there is a custom application present.  The "Thank You" page will still track conversions however if you have entered in your Indeed Conversion Id!

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