How To: Schedule Calendar Invites

Crelate gives you the ability to set up calendar invites directly to your e-calendar when creating an activity in a candidate or job record. For example, when scheduling an interview with a prospect, select the candidate tile you wish to work with, and in the right context window, select the icon for your interview activity.





A popup window will appear with the interview details, including date, time, and recipients. From here, you can add any notes or details you would like to send to yourself about the interview. The notes in this text box will go only to you. To send a calendar invite to the candidate, select the blue hyperlink asking if you would like to also send a calendar invite.





This expands the popup window allowing you to write an email message directly to the candidate. This is what the candidate will receive when she receives her calendar invite. Finally, click Save & Send.




These emails come directly from Crelate's mail server, Below are two examples as to what the emails would look like coming into a Gmail (as the host's email address) and an Outlook (as the candidate's email address) calendar:




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