How To: Manage Your Subscription and View Your Billing Portal

Your billing information is accessible through Crelate, and is stored in our billing system. To access your billing information, simply follow the instructions below:

After logging into your Crelate account, you are led to the home screen. To access your billing portal link, click the "Settings" button on the lower left side of the screen, and then Click on "Overview."

Subscription Page 

Once on the Subscription page, you'll see the subscription details in the upper right hand corner.

Notice the subscription details in this instance:

  • The subscription is the Pro Level and Annual Payment Plan
  • The number of currently paid-for licenses is 4
  • The number of allocated licenses to users is 1, so 3 licenses are available. 

Billing Portal

Clicking on the link for "Open Billing Portal" which will take you to the billing portal for your subscription. 



This is the home screen of your billing portal. You are able to see all the subscriptions you have (if you have multiple, which most do not). Here, you can edit your contact information (and Address), update your payment information, and download billing statements and invoices.





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