Differentiating a "List" from a "Query"

It's important to know the difference between a "List" and a "Query" in Crelate so you can get the most use out of each feature. 

In short, a "List" is a collection of records that are manually added. Often this is thought of as a "Static" list. For example, Contacts or Candidates are manually added and removed from the list. 

In the example below using Candidates, the screenshot shows I've created a static list called "Ian's List" where I manually added the contacts I wanted to choose in Crelate. 

A "Query", on the other hand, is a collection of contacts/candidates that meet a specific criteria. This is considered a 'dynamic' query, as contacts will be added to the result, or removed from the results, based on meeting the "Query filter" (such as a 'Tag' or "Address' info, etc.). 

So, when I manually put in my list to Crelate, I also Tagged them with key terms that differentiate them from each other. If I want to create a "Query" based on the following Tags I can do so such as the example of "hot" and "developer" below:

After I click on "Save" Crelate will ask me to give the new Query a name. I'm going to name this query "ProfessionalBaseballPlayers2016." I also have the option of sharing this query with all other users. 




Once the new Query is saved it will then be saved to "My Queries"and as records are updated/edited/added the Query Filter will dynamically change with the added data (in this example in relation to Tags).  

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