Getting the Most out of Crelate Search

As you use Crelate's "Search" there are a few things you need to know in order to get the most value of this feature. Here are few things to consider. 

The Logic of Search Results

It's important to understand the basic logic of "Search" as you are downloading/editing/inputting data into Crelate AND as you are putting together Searches (and then creating lists and so on). 

The following 2 items are worth noting:

1. The number of Search terms that appear on the record is important. For instance, if you want to put together a list of all of your contacts that have "Professional Athlete Icon" on their records a document that has "Professional", "Athlete", and "Icon" will appear above a document that only has one or two of the terms. 

2. The number of times a Search term appears also matters. A document/record that has "Athlete" in it twice will appear above a document that only has "Athlete" in it once. 


Also, it matters how big the field is that it found the search term in. If you search for "Hepburn," a contact that has "Hepburn" in the Name field should appear above a contact that has "Hepburn" in a Resume (because the Name is shorter than the Resume). 


Another Reminder: All of this only applies if you are actually typing search items into the main "Search" input at the top of the search page. If you leave that field blank and only use the filters on the right, then all records returned will have the same relevance and the order of results isn't as well defined. 


And finally, for any search you can change the view to show the results as a "Grid" (use the drop-down menu in the top menu-bar). When the results are displayed in the grid, you can click the grid header to sort by any field you want. 

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