Crelate Mobile for Android and Iphone

Crelate is available for Android via the Google Play Store - Crelate Talent. This article will give a brief explanation of a few of the primary features available. 

First, you will need to download the "Crelate Talent" app via the Google Play Store or via the App Store.

Next, you will login to Crelate on your device with your username and password

Once you are in the Mobile Crelate App you will be able to do the following: 


  • Access your Boards for Jobs, all jobs listed,  and Workflow Stages 



  • Have ability to add information on Workflow Stages for individual Candidates 



  • Have the ability to easily gain access to important information on Current Jobs, Candidates, and Companies 



  • Have the ability to quickly Search for Jobs, Candidates, and Company Records


  • Have the ability to quickly access Weekly Tasks 


  • Have the ability to View Candidate Resume's 


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