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This article outlines some of the changes to our text editor made in our Winter Release.

  • Behavior of Enter and Shift+Enter is reverted.  Enter is now new paragraph.  Shift+Enter is new line.

  • Editors for Emails should now behave like an email editor.  New paragraphs and new lines are both single line

  • Editors for everything else should now behave like Microsoft word.  New paragraphs are now double spaced and Shift+Enter is a single line

  • All editors use the new em sizes instead pixels for consistency.  This means that the font size will show based on what is being used to view it (web brows, email client, etc).  A font size of "Normal" in Crelate will be 1em, which means the default font size what application you are using.  Most applications use Times New Roman at 16pt size as their "normal" font size.


  • If you are having difficulty formatting some text, we recommend copying the text from Crelate and pasting it into a plain text editor (Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on Mac).  Once it is in there, copy and paste it back into Crelate.  What this does is reset all of the formatting with the text.  Sometimes, after applying a lot of formatting to text, it won't "forget" previous formatting making it difficult to make it appear in the way that you wish
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