How To: Setup Crelate to Post to Monster's Sponsored Postings

Setting Up Crelate with Monster for Sponsored Postings

  • Go to Settings, then click the "Portal" tile followed by clicking "Select Individual Job Boards." Go down to the "Monster" icon and move it over to "Yes." By doing this you will be able to publish your postings for Free. Be sure to "refresh" after making this change to your Portal Settings.



  • For Publishing to Monster for Sponsored Postings you will need to go through the following steps (this is similar to Career Builder but instead of a vendor ID you will input a username/password).

1. Go to Settings>Portal>Advanced Portal Settings

2. Next, click on the "Add membership info..." in the "Portal Settings" for "Monster" and enter in your username and password from your Monster Account. 

3. Next, you will input your Login Credentials for Monster Account. 


4. After you put in your Monster Account credentials your information will be saved and you can click "OK"


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