Export to Excel for HIRABL

In this article I will going over a new feature in Crelate - Exporting to HIRABL.

HIRABL is a company that provides recruiters a very important service - identifying missed fees and monitoring candidate and hiring manager movements across time. HIRABL needs specific data and we've made it very easy to quickly create an Excel file with all of the relevant information.

There are only a few steps involved in Exporting to HIRABL:

1. Go to the Crelate Home Page and Click on the "Export all Candidates" Button (Export Window will pop up)

2. Pick appropriate options for the Export including: Format (Excel 2010 or newer/2007 Doc/CSV File), Include Activities Sheet, Include Scheduled Activities, and/or Show only Activities in specific date range. 

3. Click on "Select View" and scroll down to "HIRABL Export" and Click on it (HIRABL Export Window will pop up). 

4. Click on Magnifier for "Options" - Youcan then pick from the Workflow stages - Note that HIRABL requires the following Data: Candidates Name, Submission Date, Client Company, Hiring Manager, Email Address of Client Contact, Title of Client Contact, and Search Status.  

5. Once Workflow stage is chosen click "OK" and Export will Render. 

6. Click on the Excel File and the information HIRABL needs will be in the Excel file. 


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