Managing a Contact Record

In this article, we will go over managing your contact card.  You have the ability to add fields, arrange fields, and remove fields on a contact, to order them in a way that best suits your process.


The options for ordering the fields of your contact card are found in Settings > Contacts, Companies & Jobs.  From here, click "Customize Fields…".  A list will appear that contains all of the fields currently available on a Contact.  You have several options for managing the fields on your contact's record here.


Clicking on any field and clicking the "-" will remove that field as an available field on a record.



Any removed field can be re-added by clicking the field on the right.



You can add up to 10 customized fields here as well as sort/rank them based on your preference. By clicking on any field and dragging, you can re-order that field in the details of a contact record.



This will also change the order of fields on the Create a new Contact form.



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