Chrome Add-in Update from 1.X to 2.X

With our Fall Release,  we have made changes to our Google Chrome add-in.  These are the steps to download and install the new plugin, and a brief overview of the changes.


 1) Remove your old Crelate Plugin:


  •      Right click on your Crelate plugin, and click "manage extensions"


  • On the Crelate extension, click the trash can to delete

 2) Download the new Crelate plugin:

  • Search for "crelate" in the Chrome Web Store and click on extension named "Crelate Talent Chrome Extension", or Click Here

3) Restart Chrome

Close and re-open Chrome


  • You can now click on text in other areas of the screen without the sidepane closing
  • There are more fields you can add - click "Show/Hide all fields" Feel free to copy/paste text from the profile!

  • If you import a contact that is already in your Crelate, you are given the option to Update the record with the new information



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