How to: Deactivate a User and the Differences versus Deleting

This article will focus on how to deactivate a user as this is the recommended practice. It is often preferred to deactivate a user rather than remove them, as this will maintain the history of that user and the activities that they have recorded in Crelate. Deactivating a user will free up a user license, as well as prevent that user from accessing the system in the future. Deleting a user will not remove any contact, notes, jobs etc that they've created however, it will remove their name from the event or activity that was logged. Deactivating a user will keep their name affiliated to allow you to track their previous activity even when bringing a new user on board.

To deactivate a user, follow the steps below:


  • On the left panel of Crelate, find and click the Settings icon on the left, then click Users on the bottom left. From there, highlight whichever user you would like to deactivate. Below to the bottom right is the link to Deactivate User


A box will appear asking you if you are sure you want to "deactivate this user". Click Yes.



After selecting "Yes" is deactivated. Should you want to reactivate the user, repeat the same steps in this article and the "Deactivate User" button will be replaced with an "Activate User" button.


It is important to note, that deactivating a user, will give you the ability to use that license for a new user.  To learn about applying licenses, please follow the guide here: How to: Add Licenses


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