How To: Use Search to Identify Candidates

The Search feature within Crelate serves two purposes:

  • "Quick Search" - allowing you to quick find a particular contact, company, or job.
  • "Full-text" resume and activity keyword search - allowing you to search for terms like "management" in a resume or your note text.


Quick Search

To perform a Quick Search, simply click in the Search Box in the upper left, and type in the name of the Candidate, Company or Candidate.  Potential Choices will display as your type, and simply select the record you want to open.

Example: Type in "Lucas" finds Ruth Lucas.  You can type in a last name, or first name.


Full-Text Keyword Search

You can perform a Full-Text keyword search of a Candidates resume and notes that you have recorded on a candidate.  To Perform a Keyword Search, simply type your keywords in the search box in the upper left, and hit Go. The Search Box allows you structure a full Boolean query, and use operators such as AND, OR, and group items together.


Your search will run, and you will see your candidates returned that had a match on those keywords.  You will notice quick filters (Time, Owner, and Location) to the right of the keywords, as well as additional filters.



Additional Filtering

On the right hand side of your Search Results, you can narrow your filter further.


You can also filter by using Tags, Owner, or a Radius Search.  The Radius Search, or "Within" allows you to specify the distance from the City or Zip Code.  This can be useful to locate candidates that are in a "city area".  



Advanced Filters

By Clicking "Advanced…" in the filters area, you can add additional advanced data filters



Adding to Job

You can select the candidates from the Search Results, and click on Selected Contacts and Add to Job.  



Select Your Job



Changing your view
You can now change your view in Search. The available views are List, Grid, and Map. To change your view, click the drop down above the quick filters and make your selection.


Saving your search

You can save your search for quick access anytime, as well as share your saved search with other users.  To save your search, simply click on the "Search" drop down menu in the upper left corner, and choose "Save this Search"



You will then be prompted to enter a name for your search, and have the option of sharing it with other users



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