How To: Assign Record Ownership

Within Crelate, we are able to identify which recruiter is the owner of a Contact, Company, or Job.  By Default, when you create a record, you are assigned as the owner of the record.  However, there will be cases where you want to change the owner of a record.  This article explains how.

Reassigning Ownership from the Contacts Grid (or Grid of any record type).

  • Click on Contacts in the Left Navigation Menu
  • Select the contacts that you wish to reassign
  • Select the "Selected Contacts" menu at the top
  • Click "Reassign...."

  • When the assignment screen opens, chose the correct User to own the records, and click OK.

  • Your selected records will now be assigned to the recruiter that you selected.

Reassigning Ownership from the Search Board.

You can also reassign records from the search board.  To do so:

  • Select the Tiles for the candidates that you which to reassign.
  • Click on the Selected Contacts menu at the top.
  • Follow the steps above to complete the ownership change


Adding an owner individually: 

  • To add an owner to a single contact, you may begin typing to select a user in your database. You'll have the option to assign multiple owners to a contact if you wish. 

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