Converting your Crelate Trial to a paid subscription

When you are ready to become a paying subscriber in Crelate it is easy to enter your payment information.  Please note that you will still receive the full benefit of your trial period regardless of when your enter your payment information – your card will not be charged until your trial expires.  When you are ready to enter your Credit Card information you can:

  • Hover over Trial Info box in green (as pictured below). A box will pop up with a blue “here” link to update payment information and setup your subscription. Click on the blue “here” link.

  • Or you can go to: Settings>>Purchase to access the screen


  • This will take you to the subscription screen
  • Select your subscription plan. If you'd like to learn more about our subscription type, you can Click Here
  • Select the number of users using the drop down option
  • Select your payment schedule: Monthly or Annually
  • Enter your credit card information in the Billing Information section
  • Check the box that you have read the terms and conditions (this should be a link to the terms and conditions)
  • Select Purchase



Viola – you are now a paying subscriber!  Thanks so much for signing up with Crelate! 

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