Crelate Data Retention, Backup, Security and Availability

This article provides a high-level overview of Crelate's data retention, data backup policies as well as our security and high-availability best practices.

  • Reliability and Availability
    • All core services are hosted in a redundant manner behind load balanced network appliances – with all machines double or triple redundant configurations and running on fault tolerant machines.
    • Core record data replicated across multiple servers with each servers copied stored on triply redundant disk storage solution.
    • Our goal is always to achieve 100% uptime, but are dependent on the current industry reliability standards.

      Example: As of August 2015, our rolling 6 month uptime is 100% and rolling 12 month uptime is 99.97%.

    • All services are hosted in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft provides highly redundant hosting infrastructure, power and network connectivity.

  • Security
    • All services are hosted in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft provides physical facility, firewall, network redundancy and security.
    • All data and communication leaving our network and going over the internet is protected by modern 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Backups
    • Data is backed up in full on a nightly basis
    • Data snapshots are backed up every 15 to 30 minutes
    • Users with administrative permissions can request a full export back of all data at anytime, subject to the request limits of their subscription agreement.
    • Backup data is encrypted at rest
    • Backup data is stored on triply redundant disk storage
    • Backup data is geo-replicated from our primary data center in California to a secondary in Virginia
    • Backups are retained for 30 days

      NOTE: Backups are for disaster recovery and fail-over purposes only.
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