How To: Refresh a Job Posting and Refresh versus Reset

Refreshing a Job Posting

Users can refresh their Jobs Postings so they can retain their visibility on Free Job Boards.  Once a Job has been published for more than thirty days, Users may ‘refresh’ the posting from the respective Job Publish slider.  Do note that this feature can only be completed once every fourteen days.  This is done to reduce spam and maintain compliance with the Job Boards terms of service. This will update the date that the job was posted.

The Reset can be done if it has been 45 days since the job had been last posted or reset. Resetting the job will assign a new job code to it. This may make the job appear as "new" as it will be republished entirely. 

To access the Refresh button, first navigate from the related Job record and click Publish.  The slider will appear from the ride-side of the screen.  Scroll to the bottom of the page.  The Refresh Job button will appear next to the date when the Job was last posted.


After clicking Refresh Job, the system will update the related Job’s Portal URL in addition to its external ID keys.  Old reference keys will no longer be valid and Candidates will be unable to apply from the older ID key.  The Refresh Button will also grey-out.  It will again be accessible after fourteen days.


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