How To: Send a Submittal Email

Many Crelate users have a workflow in which one of the steps is to submit a list of potential candidates to a customer or client for review or approval. You can also view our article here: Creating Submittal Templates on creating those submittal templates. 

Crelate make this step easy by automatically generating and sending a "Submittal" email for you, based on a list of candidates that you have selected.  The email that is sent is generated from a template that can be customized in the Crelate Settings area, and the email will automatically include attachments of all the submitted candidates' resumes.

Sending Submittal Emails

There are three ways you can send a submittal email

  1. When on the dashboard for a Job, select the candidate you want to submit (either click-and-drag or ctrl-click to select multiple), then click Selected Contacts in the menu and choose Submit.
  2. When on the contacts page, select the contacts you want to submit in the table, click the Selected Contacts button above the list of contacts, then click Submit to Job.  Then pick which job you want to submit it to in the window that pops up.
  3. When on a contact page, click This contact, then Submit for Job, then select which job to submit to.


Image - Initiating a new submittal email from the job dashboard

All three of these methods will open up the Submittal Email form. 

this form lets you change the content of the submittal email before it actually gets sent out to its recipient.  This form is divided into two main sections.

  • On the far left, you can change the content of the email body, subject, To, CC, and BCC fields. These fields will all have default content based on the submittal template that was used (and also based on the Job and candidates being submitted), but you can change them before sending if necessary.
  • In the middle section, you can see which documents will be attached for each candidate.  
    Depending on the submittal template you used, you will see a tile for each document-type and for each candidate.  For example: if the submittal template indicates that Resumes should be included in the submittals, then you will see a red "Resume" tile for each candidate.  You can click on the tile to preview the document, and if necessary upload or select a different document. If the tile is gray instead of red, then that means the candidate doesn't have a resume available.   

    If the template includes other document types, you would see a tile for each other document-type as well (for example: you might want to also include a "Cover sheet" document for each candidate in addition to their resume. This is all configurable in the submittal template; see below).

    image: previewing a resume that will be attached for one of the submitted candidates.

Once you are satisfied that the email is correct, and that each candidate has all of the correct documents attached, click Send Submittal.  The submittal email (including all attached documents) will be sent to the recipient in the To field.

Set up and configuration

Before you can send submittal emails, you should configure the default submittal email template. 

To configure the default submittal email:


  1. Click Settings on the left side of the page
  2. Click Submittal Settings.  A list of email templates will appear on the right.
  3. Double-click on the "Default Submittal Template" template.  The Crelate email template editor will pop open.
  4. The orange tags inside the email are "data fields". When you actually send the submittal email, this template will be "merged" with the Job and Candidates you are submitting, and the orange data fields will be replaced with data from the appropriate records.  

    For example: the "Job's Job Title" field will be replaced with the job title of whatever job you're on when you send the submittal.  And the "List of Candidate Names" field will be replaced with a bulleted list of each candidate that is included in the submittal email.

  5. Once you are done editing the email template, click Save.
    You can also click the Preview This Template link in the bottom left corner to see a preview of what the email will look like when merged with a Job record.

image: editing a submittal email template

A few additional notes about email templates:

  • The From, To, CC, and BCC fields can also include "Data fields" (but only for fields which are email address, such as "Primary Email Address"), or you can just type in any email address (for example, you might want to always CC a specific manager).

  • Crelate email templates offer some limited formatting, such as bold, italics, numbered and bulleted lists, and hyperlinks. You can also copy and paste images into the email body, if they are not too big. 

  • By default, the email is set to send to the Job's Hiring manager, so if the job doesn't have a hiring manager specified then you will need to manually enter an email recipient when you send the submittal.

How to Configure which documents are included in the submittal

By default, each candidate's resume will be attached to the submittal email, but additional documents can be included too (for example: you might want to also include a "cover letter" document for each candidate).  

To configure which document types are included in a submittal:

  1. Click the link next to Attachments on the email template.  A window containing a list of attachments will pop up.  This is the list of document types that will be included in the submittal for each submitted candidate.
  2. To add additional document types, click the green plus icon at the top of the list.
    By default the only document type available is "Resume", to add additional document type you will need to go to the Document Types section under Settings.
  3. Optionally, you can check the "This document type is a required attachment" and "allow multiple of this document type" checkboxes at the bottom:
       - Checking the "Required" box means that you will not be able to send a submittal email without this document for each candidate. for example: If "Resume" is required, then you won't be able to send a submittal if any contact being submitted doesn't have at least one resume record.
       - If the "Allow multiple" box is checked, then the submittal email will include all documents of this type for each candidate. Otherwise it will just include the most recent document.

Also, the "Generate PDF Package" option (available on the main template editor window) allows you to automatically merge multiple documents together into a single PDF file for each candidate. So, for example: If you wanted to include both a Cover Letter and a Resume, you could have both the cover letter and resume for each candidate merged into a single PDF file.  


Frequent Questions

  • Can I have multiple submittal templates?
    Yes, you can create as many different submittal templates as you'd like. and when you send a submittal you can select which template to use.  
    You can also set a default template to use on a Company record or a Job record.  When you send the submittal, if the Job has a submittal template associated with it, then that template will be used.  If the Job doesn't have a template, then it will use the template associated with the Job's Company.  If neither the Job nor Company has a template, then the main "Default Submittal Template" template is used.

  • Can I send multiple submittals?
    Yes, you can send multiple submittals, including re-sending the same submittal.  Each time a submittal is sent you will see a new "Submittal" activity show up in the activity stream for each submitted candidate.


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