How To: Use the Timeline Feature

The timeline features allows you to record past employment and education history. 

Enabling The Timeline Feature

To enable the timeline feature for your Crelate, click on Settings > Core Records >Contacts, Companies & Jobs > and set Enable Timeline to ON and hit Save

Once enabled, refresh your browser window, and the timeline tile will now be available on your Candidate records.


Using the Timeline Feature

To access the timeline feature on a contact record click on the Timeline Tile.


Once you click on the tile, the timeline appears on the right.  You can add past employment history by clicking on the Add New button on the top, and select Work History.


In the Dialog Screen, you can fill in the Company, Job Title, Start and End Date.  If this is past employment, uncheck the “make this job the new current position”.



You can verify the new job has been added as it will add a year to the timeline, with the Position Information displayed.


This is the same process for adding Education History as well.


Education appearing on the timeline


Also – if you add a position by updating the contacts Job Title and Company, it will make that the new “Current” position, and change the existing one to a past position.

The New Position will appear on the Timeline and will be highlighted with a yellow star icon. 




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