How To: Import Data from a Spreadsheet

Crelate allows you to take records that you have in a spreadsheet, and import that data into Crelate. The importer will import most of the information for a contact or company, such as Name, Email, Phone Number, and even Tags!  It will even create new companies based on the Current Company field on a contact record. Make sure that there are no formulas on your spreadsheet as that will cause it to hang during the import. To view if there are any formulas on your spreadsheet click on the Formulas tab (in Excel) --> Error Checking. 

You may also reference our video: Click Here on that process!

To Import Data into Crelate from a spreadsheet, follow these steps:

Prepare your File

  • Prepare your data into a spreadsheet format.
    • Supported File types are .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • The importer works best when each column heading is the name of the field, and the data falls in rows below.  Example, the top row should be field names such as Name, Phone, Email, etc.
  • Make sure that each row has the data that you want for a specific field. Example: Some sheets may "group" contacts by a company, and only have the company name under the 1st contacts Current Company field.  For the Crelate Importer, each contact will need the company name.
  • Ensure that there are no empty rows - To get a successful import, you should make the spreadsheet look as clean as possible, with a single header row on row 1, and the contact data starting on row 2
  • When ready, save your sheet as an .xls or .xlsx file.

 Importing Data

  • Navigate to the Menu, and click on “Import Data
  • The Import Dialog will open.
  • Click on the box area to select your file.
  • Select the file that you wan to import, and click Open
  • Select ‘Next’ to Continue

Field Mappings

  • When the Import Mapping screen opens, select the record type that you wish to import.
  • Crelate will attempt to generate mappings based on column headers. (For example, ‘First Name’)
  • You can map fields from the ‘Source Column’ to fields in Crelate by selecting the field in the ‘Import Into Column’
  • You can also configure advanced logic on a field-by-field basis
  • Note: There are special intructions for futher configure settings below. 
  • Note II: If importing extensions, you'll want to use the prefix: x or ext prior to that extension


Saving Import Templates

  • You can save your field mappings for future Imports
  • When you have completed your mappings, you can select the gear icon in the upper right, and click “Save Mappings
  • Provide a name for your mapping, and hit OK
  • You can load your mapping for future imports!

Finalize the Import

  • Click “Next
  • Name your import, and select to have Crelate send you an email when the import is complete.
  • Click “Import” to start the Import
  • You can view the status of your import by clicking on Settings>Data Imports and clicking on your import that you named.
  • You can view your imported contacts by clicking on ‘View All Imported Contacts

How to Undo the Import: 

  • If there is a change you need to make to the import such as changing a field mapping, you can click on “Undo this Import”.


Viewing Your Data

  • Your Import is also now available as a “Vew” under contacts.
  • You can navigate to Contacts>[View Selector] and choose the View Name from your import.
  • This is the same view that is used in the previous step to “View All Imported Contacts



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