How To: Record Notes and Activities

Notes and Activities are how you record unstructured information and interactions about your candidate.  There are a few places where you can record this information, but the primary areas are the main contact form, and the "quick form" that is on the Job Dashboard.


The Main Contact Form

To record notes and activities on a contact, you can open your contact from the main contact grid to view the record.  On the form, there is an "Activity Bar" that lets you choose which activity you want to record, and record your note.  To do this:

  • Click on the Icon for the type of activity you want to record. (example: Screen)
  • Indicate the "Regarding" by clicking the arrow or magnifying glass
    • Note: The Regarding is referencing the Job that this activity is about.  You can also select note.  The regarding is automatically set to be about the "most recent" job that this candidate had an activity on (added to job, note, etc)
  • Indicate When: You can chose the Date and Time.  Default is "Now"
  • Indicate Who: You can create an activity for someone else.  Default is the Current user.
  • Type in your Activity Details and hit Save.
  • Your Note or Activity is now recorded and will be displayed in the Activity Stream.

Activities Bar

Recording Activity

Activity Stream

The Job Dashboard

You can also record activities from the Job Dashboard by using the "quick card" feature.

To record notes and activities on a contact on the dashboard, you can open the quick card by clicking on the candidate tile.  The quick card tile will swipe in from the right and within the quick card you notice the activity bar.  Follow the same instructions above to create an activity using the activity bar.  


Dashboard with Quick Card and Activity Bar (notice the activity stream below the activity bar)




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