How To: Change Your Password

Crelate will allow you to reset your password in 2 separate ways:

Option 1:

If you navigate to: OR logout of your current Crelate account (see below)


You'll then be brought to the following screen. From there, you may enter your email address to reset your password after selecting the "Forgot your Password?" link.


Option 2:

To start managing your notification settings, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"


Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the My Profile section. On the Profile Screen, select "Change Your Password".

  • Enter your current password in the "Current Password" field.
  • Enter your desired password in the "New Password" field
  • Re-type your new password in the "Re-type new Password" field.
  • Click Save Password

(note: Your password must be at least 6 characters)

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