How To: Add Multiple Secondary Information Fields

While Crelate has quick fields for setting a primary email address, when adding multiple email addresses, your best bet is to add them using the form.  This guide uses the Email Address as an example, but any of the fields listed in the title of this form can be added in the same way.

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Addresses
  • Websites
  • Key Dates
  • Social / IM


Adding fields using the form

With a record open, the mini form appears on the bottom right of the screen.  Here, all of the editable fields on the record are shown.  From here, you can edit any of the fields that are currently present on the form, but you can also ADD new fields.  To add a field, click on the Add dropdown to see a list of fields that you can add.  Only fields that aren't already on the form will be shown.  Unfortunately, we don't allow multiples of the same field (i.e. Multiple personal Email Addresses), but we do have multiple types of Email Addresses, Addresses, etc.

Fields that have a type like Email Address will labeled by their type.  Also next to their label is a gold star.  A filled-in gold star designates which type is marked as primary.  Click on a faded gold star to mark that type as Primary instead.



On Contacts, the Primary Email Address also appears under the contact's name.  Changing the email address under the Title or in the form will change it in the other location.


Adding fields using the edit dialog

You can also add fields by hitting the Edit button at the top of the mini form.

Once inside of the dialog, to add a new type of Email Address, click on the Green + sign to get a list of types to add to the record.

As with the fields on the miniform, a filled-in gold star indicates that, that type is the Primary for that field and clicking on faded gold stars will fill them in and mark that type as Primary.

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