Managing Email Templates

Email Templates are located under the Settings area of your Crelate organization. Creating, editing, and deleting organization-wide email templates will require an Administrator account, but users can create and save personal email templates, and share them with other users. For our video on this topic, you may navigate to this link: Email Templates to review that content!

Creating a new template.

After navigating to the Settings section, click on Email or My Templates. The difference between the two is as follows:

1. My Templates: These are templates only you can see. You can also choose to share your My Templates with other users. This will allow the other users on your org to use them but they will not have the ability to edit. To Create a new template, select the plus sign and to delete you may select the red minus sign as shown below:

To start, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"


Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the My Templates section.

Selecting a template will give you the option to share with other users. In the middle of the screen will appear a slider option to share or keep the template private. 

2. Org Templates: These templates will be visible to all users on your org. This will be indicated by the same logo you see above when asking if you would like to share the template with other users. To create an org template, go to Settings> Email> Organization Email Templates


Editing the Template, Merge Fields, and Adding Tags

The New Email Template dialogue will appear. You can type the subject and body of the email template, as well as indicate the From and the To.  When editing the Subject and Body, you can use predetermined slugs, or "Mail Merge" fields, that will automatically fill in information depending on the email recipient and sender.(For example, Contact's First Name). After filling all the relevant fields, click Save. Then refresh the browser. This template will now be available for all users within your Crelate ORG.

You’ll have the option to categorize each template by utilizing Tags. Template Tags allow you to manage and find your template easily from a contact record. You’ll see each template listed under “All” and will have the ability to filter down by specific tag category.

 Using Tags

  • When sending an email, frequently used templates will appear on the right.  You can also click on "More Templates" to use tags to filter to the template that you want.  

Do note that users can edit information on Templates prior to sending Email Activities and Bulk Emails. This will not affect the Email Template.  

Editing an existing template.

In order to edit an Email Template, highlight the specified Template and double click. You can then edit the Template and click Save. Refreshing the browser will mark the changes for the rest of the users in your Crelate ORG.



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