How To: Export Your LinkedIn Contacts and Import into Crelate

LinkedIn allows you to export your connections to a CSV file, which you can save as an .xlsx file to import into Crelate.  

Exporting Connections from LinkedIn

  • log into LinkedIn
  • Under the Advanced Settings area on the right, click on Export LinkedIn Connections, or click on this URL:  Export LinkedIn Connections
  • Go to Getting an Archive of your Data. and choose "Fast File Only".
  • An email with a link of your downloaded CSV will be mailed to you


               Note: Only the full name, email address, current employer, and position are exported by LinkedIn.


Preparing your file for Importing into Crelate.  

Crelate requires that your .CSV file be converted to an .XLS or .XLSX file

  • Open your exported LinkedIn .CSV file
  • Click on the File tab in the upper left
  • Click Save As and choose your save location
  • Before saving, change the file type to .XLSX or .XLS by clicking on Save As Type and selecting Excel Workbook.

Exporting from LinkedIn to .CSV

Saving your file to an Excel Workbook


Importing into Crelate.

Please follow the steps outlined in the Crelate Knowledge Base Article: How To Import Data From a Spreadsheet



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