How To: Setup Bulk Email for GoDaddy

Please see the following article for enabling Bulk Email


To configure advanced email on GoDaddy, you will need to make several configuration changes.  These changes allow Crelate to be trusted to send email and bulk email on behalf of your domain.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log into your GoDaddy account by clicking Sign In in the upper right
  3. Expand Domains and find the domain you would like to integrate

  4. Click the Launch button on the right
  5. You will now be on the Domain Details page. Click the "DNS Zone File" tab.

  6. Next click "Edit" to edit your zone file.

  7. You are now editing your DNS zone file. We will use the “Quick Add” feature of the CNAME and TXT areas of your zone file to link your domain to Crelate.

  8. Right below CNAME (Alias) click “Quick Add” and enter the values:
    Host: email
    Points to:

  9. Repeat this process under the TXT (Text) area. Only this time, we will add two records and the values will be based on the information provided by Crelate Support or in the Advanced Email Settings area of the application.

    The SPF ID is always the same, set the Host to “@” and the Value to:

    v=spf1 ~all

    NOTE: If you already have an SPF ID set for this domain, please contact Crelate support for instructions on how to combine our value with your existing value.

    The DKIM is unique per customer. The Host will be set to the first part of the value show, up to (but not including) your domain name. The value is the long string of random looking characters.

  10. Finally hit "Save Zone File" in the upper right of the zone editor.

  11. That is it!  It can take up anyway from a few minutes to 48 hours for these changes to fully update across the internet.  To see if everything is working, you can check the "Verify Now" button in Crelate.  This is available under Settings | Email | Advanced Email settings at the bottom of the right panel.
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