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The Crelate Candidate portal is a, fast and elegant web portal that allows customers to post job descriptions and accept applications from candidates.  The portal is customizable and allows you to not only style the look and feel, but embed custom questionnaires as part of the application.  This document covers one of the more advanced ways of integrating with your web site, the RSS feed.

RSS is an XML-based standard that makes data of all types available for parsing and re-use.  In our case, the RSS feed provides details of all jobs published to the Candidate Portal.  With this feed, it is possible to filter and display details of jobs in anyway the developer sees fit.  Here is an example of what this might look like:

WordPress makes this easy with a built-in function called wp_widget_rss_output.  This function is a part of the default widgets.  You can look at the code for this built-in method here:  it would be very easy to copy this code into a new PHP method if you wanted to customize the HTML format, change the summary character limit, etc. / do something custom with how it renders the RSS.  You can apply CSS as needed.

Here is what the basic PHP code looks like to render the screen above:


           'url'           => 'https://[YOURORGNAME]',
           'title'         => __( 'Some Title' ),
           'items'         => 3,
           'show_summary'  => 1,
           'show_author'   => 0,
           'show_date'     => 0

Be sure to update the URL to be the proper URL based on your Crelate organization name.


IMPORTANT:  The WordPress RSS widget and underlying Fetch_Feed method will cache the Crelate RSS feed for up to 12 hours by default.  This greatly improves performance of your site, but also means that changes made to public jobs in Crelate may take up to 12 hours to be reflected on your site.

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