How To: Use Find to filter contacts

The Find feature in Crelate allows you to quickly narrow down a large listing of candidates into manageable sizes using specific criteria about how you have categorized or interacted with a candidate.  Find allows you to filter contacts based on:

  • Tags
  • Fields on the contact form (example "State: TX" )
  • Activities
  • Related Records (example "Parent Company that is tagged as "Prospect")


In the below example, we'll use find to narrow down results using Tags and activities.

Invoking Find

  • Click on Contacts in the left navigation bar
  • Click On Find
  • Your query builder will swipe in from the right-hand side

Using the Query Builder

  • In the Tags area, select the tag that you want to filter on
  • You can select multiple tags
  • Indicate, if multiple tags, that results must have ANY, ALL, or NONE of the tags

In the screenshot below, i am filtering contacts based on Tags of "Project Management" and "PMP Certified".  I am indicating that the results must have ALL, meaing that each record must have BOTH tags.



Adding Fields to your Find Query

You can add additional fields to find, by clicking on Add Field in the upper right, and selecting the field you want to filter on.

Saving Your Query as a View

Once you have completed your Find, you can save your query as a dynamic view.  This will allow you to select the view in the future, without needing to rebuild your query.  

  • When you have completed your query, click on Save.
  • Name your view, and 
  • optional: choose if you want to share your view with others.
  • Once your view is saved, you can select your view in the top left corner of the contacts area.


Saving your List


Selecting your Dynamic List as a view


Advanced Tip!  Remember that your view is Dynamic.  If you add new contacts tomorrow that meet the criteria of your view, they will automatically show when selecting the view!



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