How To: Create or Delete a Job

Creating a Job is very easy.  The Job represents the position you are looking to fill.  To create a Job, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Menu Button in the upper left
  • Under the Create New section, Move your mouse to Job and click

  • The Job Creation Screen will appear
  • Fill in the fields for the job (detailed description of fields below) and hit OK.


After hitting OK, your Job is created and you can start finding candidates for the position.


Listing and Details of Fields on Job

Company Lookup to Company Record.  Typing in a new company name will create a new company
Job Title Lookup to Job Title (ie, Project Manager).  Typing in a unique job title will create a new one in Crelate
Name Unique Name of Job in Crelate.  By Default, we concatenate the Company Name and Job Title (ie, Argos - Project Manager), however the field is text and can type your own unique name.
Number of Openings Number field used to record number of openings.  (ie, 4)
Locations Used to Record address information
Start Date Date Field used to represent when the customer is looking for the candidate to start working.
Website Used to record a web address or URL related to the posting
Related Contacts Used to identify a Hiring Manager or Billing Contact
Description This is the Job Description.  This can be pasted from Word and formatting is preserved.  It is also a full editior, so you can type to add more, bold and underline items, etc
Job Type

Used to designate the type of job, such as Full Time, Part Time, Remote Work, etc.  You can customize the list, and can choose multiple options for 1 Job.

Open Date

This is the beginning date of the search.  The system automatically sets this, but you can override the date

Close Date

This is the end date for the search.  This date is set automatically when the job is closed, but you can override the system set date.

Submittal Template

Choose a unique template used when submitting candidates for this Job.


Used to represent the Salary. (ie, $85,000).  The field does not accept salary ranges, not any characters other than numbers. (ie, 85k = $85.00)

Compensation Details

Free text field used to record specifics around compensation.  Often used for salary rangers or other details such as vacation, etc.

Application Form

Choose a unique portal form to be used when a candidate applies through the portal.


Categorize the Job by using Tags.  Generally tags will focus on Industry or desired skill set.  (ie, Software, Developer)



Deleting a Job:

Deleting a job can be done from the job page. When selecting the 'this job' drop down, you may then delete that from your database. Please note, this is a perminant action and cannot be undone.



You'll also have the capability to do this in bulk from the jobs or opportunities page by highlighting and removing in bulk. You may delete up to 200 at once. 



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