How To: Publish a Job

  • Go to Jobs>[JOB NAME] and open a Job Record that you want to publish.
  • Double-Click to open the Job.
  • Click on the 'Publish" tile in the upper-right

  • Fill in the REQUIRED information such as:
    • Title, Description, Employer, Name and Location
    • *Note* You'll want to make sure these fields are added or the option to publish will not be made available. 
  • Click "Yes" where it says "Show this Job on your portal"
  • Click "Save".
  • You can select the URL at the bottom to send directly to candidates, or using on other Job Board posting.
  • Featured Jobs will show toward the top of the Portal.
  • Hidden Jobs require a direct link for applicants to apply.


For information about "refreshing" a job posting, please see: How To: Refresh a Job Posting.  

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