October 2017 - Crelate Upgrade Impact Guide

About this Guide
This guide is designed to help Crelate subscribers understand the user impact of a release of Crelate. The guide is a shortened version of our What’s New documentation and provides additional insights that Crelate System Administrators should be aware of.

About Crelate Upgrades
All upgrades to Crelate are automatic, benefit all users and require no user action. However, to minimize potential business impact, some new features of Crelate are off by default for existing customers, and other features may be turned off if a customer chooses to do so. System administrators should review this guide to understand their options to either take advantage of or hide new functionality depending on their organization’s needs.

Changes in the October 2017 Release
When you first login to Crelate post-October release, you will immediately notice that the Homepage has changed significantly. This was done to make room for new sales, visualization and home page customization capabilities.

  • Jobs Tab Renamed - The “Jobs” tab has been removed and in its place is the “Recruiting” tab. This is to help differentiate it from the new Sales Tab.

Impact: Information Only - No action required

  • Job Statuses are now Sales Stages – Jobs no longer have a “Job Status." Now all jobs just have a ‘sales stage’ on the sales workflow. Existing Job Statuses will be converted to Sales Stages.

Impact: Information Only - Existing Job Statuses will be converted to Sales Stages Automatically. To configure your sales stages, go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Workflows / Sales Workflows.

  • The New Sales Tab – There is now a new Sales tab added to the homepage. This is where your team can manage the flow of leads and opportunities in your organization.


Impact: Optional Action Required - Administers can disable this new tab via the View Sales Dashboard privilege in User Roles.


  • Homepage Changes – We’ve significantly expanded the capabilities of the homepage filters. We've also removed the ability to view the candidates on job tiles as tiny boxes.

Impact: Information Only - No action required; Existing homepage filters will be upgraded to make use of the new filter engine. Users that previously made use of the “boxes” view of the Homepage Titles will be changed to bar graphs automatically.

  • Employment Search Changes - Employment Searches are now a Business only feature. (Don’t worry – if you were using them before as a professional user, you’ll still have access.) This change is required because Employment Searches (sometimes referred to as Most Placeable Candidate or Candidate-centric workflows) are built on Opportunity Types, which is a Business-only feature. Additionally, Employment Searches no longer have their own Statuses; during the upgrade these statuses (not to be confused with Sales Stages) will be merged with your existing Job Statuses.

Impact: Information Only - No action required; Crelate will manage the upgrade for organizations affected by this change.

  • Job Dashboard Activity Tile Count Changes - We changed the way quick filter counts at the top of the Crelate dashboards are calculated. The Activity tiles on the job board are now based on the number of candidates that have their respective activity, instead of just a raw count of activities. Customers have told us this is much more meaningful and this change also makes the counts more consistent with other areas of the app.

Impact: Information Only - No action required.


  • Portal Search & Location Filters - Crelate has added new portal features to provide a better experience for potential applicants and help you match more people to your jobs. Search will let candidates find jobs on your portal more easily along with our new location filter to categorize positions geographically.

Impact: Optional Action Required: This feature is OFF by default for existing customers. It can be easily turned on by going to Settings / Portal / Advanced and clicking on “Allow”.


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