How To: Add Users and Licenses to your Crelate

Adding licenses:

Licenses are purchased so that users can access Crelate.  If you need to add a new license in Crelate, you can do so from the Settings>>Subscription screen.  


  • To add an additional license you can select Change as you'll see below.


  • You may then use our drop down option to add any number or monthly or annual licenses. 



  • You'll then be asked to confirm your changes before adding that additional license. 


 Please note: Removing Licenses requires Crelate's Accouting help.  If you need to remove a license, please contact  


Add user:

Adding a user in Crelate is very easy.  Users will be given a Username (email address) and Password.  All users require a license, to be able to access Crelate. You can manage your users licenses by following the instructions in this article:  How to: Add a User License

 To add a user follow these steps:

  • As a Crelate Administrator, access the Settings Area on the left
  • Select Users
  • Click on the "+" sign to add a new user on the right.

To add a new user, you’ll have to first walk through a few options.

  • License Type: You’ll be notified if you have new licenses available, or if you’ll need to purchase an additional seat.
  • Next, enter the user’s name.
  • Username: This will be the new user’s email address and login ID
  • Auto generate vs. Self Creating Password: Auto generating will build a strong password automatically that the new user can change when logging in. Creating a password allows you to customize and share a password with the user.
  • Role + Additional Roles: You can select between 3 role types for new users and create your own “additional roles." Normal users must be assigned at least 1 role and can be assigned multiple. You can read more about our user roles here: User Roles


Informing the user of their Login and Password

Once you click "Add," you'll see a screen where you can copy the users information, or send them an email directly with the information. You can also add yourself as a recipient of the email, so that you have that information as well.



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