How To: Enable your Crelate Portal and publish jobs

Enable Portal:

Crelate provides a web-portal that allows applicants to apply directly to a job that you publish.  There are a few key steps for using the portal with Crelate. For further information, you may reference our video on this topic here: Enabling your Portal and Publishing a Job

Important: Job Board Syndication requires your trial to be verified.  If you are interested, please contact or your Crelate sales rep.

  • Enable your Crelate to allow recruiters to publish jobs.
  • Decide if you want jobs posted to the free job boards.
  • Indicate on a job-by-job basis which jobs are posted to the Portal and Free Job Boards.

The Crelate Portal

Enabling your Portal

To enable your portal, simple navigate to Settings>PortalEnable Portal and click Yes.

This will Enable the portal for crelate, but there are more settings that you'll want to explore, and they are detailed below.

Portal Settings - Logo and Color

You can customize the look and feel of your portal, such as adding your logo, changing the color scheme, and adding text to your portal.

To upload your Logo, simply click on "Select File" and choose the logo you want to upload.  For best results, choose an image that is 64px in height and no wider than 700px.

You can also change the Background Color of your portal, as well the the color of the tiles, links and accents.  Simply choose the color that you wish using the color picker.  Remember to hit "Save" at the top to save your progress/changes. 

Portal Settings - Site Configurations

There are many other items you can figure for the portal, and they are listed below with a description of each feature.

Feature Description
Company Web Link Allows you to configure a URL that will navigate there when clicked
Require a Job Submission Indicates if you want to require a job for a candidate to apply to, or if they can apply agnostic of a job.
Recruiter Profiles

Displays information about the recruiter if they are the owner of the job.  Will show a Profile Picture, phone number and email address if selected.

Social Sharing Bar Indicates if you want to allow people to share the posting on social sites with a single click.  
Show Job As

Allows you to show the jobs on the portal as:

  • Square Boxes
  • Rectangular Tiles
  • List View of Jobs (useful when embedding the Crelate Portal into your website)
Show  Tags Tags are a useful way to allow Candidates to search job postings.  By allowing tags, and Portal Tag used when publishing a job will allow a candidate to search the tag.
Title Displays a Title at the top of the page
Header Allows for a paragraph of text at the top of the page

This is synonymous with a "body" of text


Allows for text at the bottom of the page

Advanced Settings

An area for webmasters to add items such as your Google Analytics Token

Application Email

Crelate send an email when an applicant applies.  You can specify the recipient of the email using the hour-glass lookup.  You can choose multiple recipients.

Email Job Owners

Allows you to specify that an owner of a job will receive the application email

 Paid Job Boards Posting Indicates if you want to allow recruiters to post to the Paid Job boards. (This requires a credit card when posting, or an account with Dice or CareerBuilder))
Dice Membership Information Allows you to indicate your Dice Integration Account (supplied by Dice) login and slot allocation
CareerBuilder Information Allows you to record your CareerBuilder Vendor ID for posting jobs to CareerBuilder

Free Job Board Publishing

This section allows you to indicate which free jobs boards you want to publish your jobs to.  You first need to indicate 'On' for Free Job Board Publishing

For each Free Board that you select "yes", when you publish a job in Crelate, it will also publish that Job to the free job boards. Please Note: It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 48 hours for the Free Boards to pick up your job posting.



Crelate will publish jobs to Indeed, but in order to ensure your jobs will flow into Indeed, you need to have an indeed rep, and tell them that you will be posting your jobs from your Application Tracking System - Crelate.  Your Indeed rep may then allow your jobs to post from Crelate, but this is entirely up to Indeed, and depends on your relationship with your Indeed rep.  If you do not have an indeed rep, you can contact Indeed to sign up and get a a rep here:  Contact Indeed

Posting Jobs to the Portal and Free Job Boards

Now that your Portal is Enabled, you can follow the steps outlined in this article to publish your jobs.  How to Publish Your Job

Portal Forms (questionnaires)

When an applicant applies to your Crelate Portal, you can have them answer questions in addition to their contact information.  To learn more about Portal Forms, you can follow the steps outlined here:  How to Manage Portal Forms

Viewing your Portal

To view your portal, simple navigate to https://[MY CRELATE] (MY CRELATE is the name of your Crelate. You'll see this in the address bar when you log into Crelate.)


 Publish jobs:

  • Go to Jobs>[JOB NAME] and open a Job Record that you want to publish.
  • Double-Click to open the Job.
  • Click on the 'Publish" tile in the upper-right

  • Fill in the REQUIRED information such as:
    • Title, Description, Employer, Name and Location
    • *Note* You'll want to make sure these fields are added or the option to publish will not be made available. 
  • Click "Yes" where it says "Show this Job on your portal"
  • Click "Save".
  • You can select the URL at the bottom to send directly to candidates, or using on other Job Board posting.
  • Featured Jobs will show toward the top of the Portal.
  • Hidden Jobs require a direct link for applicants to apply.


For information about "refreshing" a job posting, please see: How To: Refresh a Job Posting.  

If you need any further help, please contact

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