Auditing Reports

Auditing is a Business feature and allows administrators to track user interactions within Crelate for analytical and security purposes.  Once auditing is enabled, when a user makes an update to a record, the audit log captures that date and time that the user made that change. This information can be viewed from a record, as well as a report.  Auditing is also explained in our Business Package Overview video. 

Enabling Auditing

As an administrator, you can enable this by going Settings>>Advance Security and then selecting "Basic" or "Advanced." The differences between the two will be outlined below.

 Levels of Auditing

  • Basic(90 Day Retention)
    • Login/Logoff
    • Login Failure
    • Password Changes
    • Record Export
    • Backups
    • Changed Organizational Settings
    • Delete Records
  • Advanced(30 Day Retention)
    • Everything from Basic
    • Record Created
    • Record Updated
    • Record Deleted

The Audit Log

The audit log is the report where your can view historical auditing information.  To access audit logs in Crelate select Reports>>Audit Log

Over to the right hand side, you'll see an option to filter your audit reports based on different criteria.  You can filter by:

  • Segments(Type of Record)
  • Actions(Level of Interaction)
  • Users

You'll also have the ability to filter by date, by using the date filter controls above the audit log.

The audit report can also be accessed within the contact record by selecting the "This Contact" drop-down.



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