How To: Customize or add columns in the grid view and export

You can customize the columns that appear in the grid view, and save the view for the future. As an account administrator, you're able to modify the main views for all users. A non administrator will not have this capability. However, a non-admin may still alter a personal view as explained below.

While viewing any grid, click the Cogwheel.  The cogwheel in Crelate is always for changing options in your curret view.

In from the right will slide some options.  Next to each column header you will see a 3 dotted menu.


Clicking this drop down arrow will give you checkboxes for the columns you would like to see in the view.


After your view has been configured, you may save it for future use. If you again select the cogwheel icon, you'll have the option to save and name your new view. 



The only difference here for a non-administrative user is you'll first need to select 'find' in order to start a query. From there, you may follow the steps above to configure the columns in your view.

Once saved, close out of the side panel to the right hand side. You may then export this view or any other custom view you've created.


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